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A complete offering of cremation services at our Danvers, MA & Salem, MA locations gives family and friends the ability to say goodbye when traditional burial is not chosen. All services are provided in our continuum of care. We are the Massachusetts Cremation Experts. 

Cremation is most often done in conjunction with other funeral services. When it comes to the personal choice of cremation many families feel the need for some memorialization. There is a want and need to celebrate the life. That’s why we at O’Donnell Cremations – Funerals – Celebrations, have created these options for our families, to fulfill their need of honoring the life of a loved one. 

If a loved one’s wishes regarding cremation are not clearly defined at the time of death, our licensed funeral directors will assist families in exploring the best option for them. Whatever the desire, the O'Donnell Cremations - Funerals - Celebrations with Funeral Homes in Danvers, Massachusetts and Funeral Homes in Salem, Massachusetts provides cremation services in its partnered crematories in Danvers, MA, Salem, MA & Peabody, MA. 

In fact, family members may be present to witness the process if they so choose.

We are the only local provider to have the proper sheltering facilities and temperature controlled room. We have been designated the CREMATION EXPERTS in our community & our five-step security protocol allows us to make sure every possible measure is taken, so your loved one is cared for with expert care and compassion.

We offer many cremation services options to best fulfill your families wish in celebrating the life of a loved one. Our funeral directors guide you though all of the options available and together, with your help, will create a meaningful tribute that will be both meaningful and helpful. 

If you prefer a traditional, formal service you will find it with us. If a more casual service in an intimate setting is preferred, you will find that too. Whatever your wishes, they can be fulfilled in a way which creates a truly memorable service and offers real comfort for family and friends.

- See our Cremation options below and allow us to assist you in choosing the appropriate option to fulfill your needs. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 



When cremation is chosen, families often elect to have traditional funeral services held so that family and friends can come together and say goodbye to their loved one. A visitation (viewing) (wake) and/or funeral service can take place prior to cremation just as it would when planning a traditional burial funeral. The funeral ceremony can take place at one of our two North Shore funeral homes, or at the family’s place of worship. You may choose to only have a visitation or wake and forgo the formal service or only the formal service and forgo the visitation. We can also assist with this selection. 

Burial of the cremated remains, may take place, after the cremation process is completed. This committal service may be public or private depending on family preferences.

Full traditional service 

(Wake/Visitation and/or Service) with body present, followed by cremation

Full traditional service 

(Wake/Visitation and/or Service) with body present, with simulated committal service, followed by cremation 

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This choice includes cremation taking place prior to all services. After cremation has occurred, friends and family can gather at a visitation and/or funeral/memorial service designed specifically for their needs. Then a reception, a scattering of ashes or an interment ceremony at a cemetery can be held. Regardless, your O’Donnell Funeral Service - funeral director will coordinate all the necessary details.

Cremation First – 

  • followed by a Visitation with the urn, service with the urn and burial service of the urn

Cremations First – 

  • followed by Visitation with the urn and Funeral Service with the urn
  • followed by Funeral Service with the urn & Burial of the urn
  • followed by Visitation with the urn & Burial of the urn

Cremations First – 

  • followed by Visitation of the urn only
  • followed by Funeral Service or Life Celebration with the urn only
  • followed by Graveside urn Committal Service only

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A funeral service can have many names and to some funeral can bring a difficult connotation. By having a Celebration of Life Service, the service takes on a different point of view. With the refurbishing of our funeral homes we have adapted the idea of a celebratory of life. As all lives should be remembered, memorialized and celebrated. From nontraditional out fits, environmentally friendly balloon release, candlelight services, upbeat and contemporary music, display of pictures, wedding dresses, favorite outfits, sports apparel, collectables, any all momentous that have meaning to you, helps bring the spirit and essence of your loved one to the celebration. 

A keepsake or touch point for all attendees is often a lasting tribute. Our funeral directors will help design and create, memorial cards, prayer cards, personalized posters, recipe cards, floral tributes, Memory blankets, personalized candles, are just some of the options when creating a keepsake. Allow our life celebration funeral directors assist you in creating an everlasting take home tribute.  

By touching upon all of the five senses you can create a lasting and meaningful tribute that will honor the life. Our funeral directors are experts at creating a perfect and fitting Life Celebration service of your wish.  

Cremation First – 

  • followed by Celebration of life without urn present

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Immediate cremation includes no ceremonies or rites. It may take place only after obtaining a signed death certificate from the attending physician along with a signed authorization from the next of kin, or authorized agent of the deceased. In the State of Massachusetts there is a Forty-eight hour waiting period after the time of death before cremation can be performed. During this waiting period, all necessary authorizations and permits are obtained as well as co-ordination with the State Medical Examiner’s office to fulfill all legal requirements prior to cremation taking place. O’Donnell Cremations – Funerals – Celebrations - Funeral directors will take care of the required paperwork and handle all of the arrangements with the appropriate agencies, including coordinating veteran benefits.

Cremation only –

  • No formal service or gathering


When it comes to the personal choice of cremation, some elect to have their remains buried in a cemetery while others choose to be scattered in a special place in nature that carries special significance to the departed. Still others are kept in the home of a family member or loved one.

Families can elect to have the fingerprint of the deceased imprinted on a keepsake charm.

As individuals, each has a different idea of what memorialization means. Families choose to do many things with the cremated remains of a deceased family member or friend. 

Options include –

  • Burial in a family plot, 
  • Placement in a decorative urn to be kept at home  
  • Placed in a columbarium niche (a place designated for the internment of the cremated remains of the dead) or other location. 
  • Scattering of the cremated remains, 

O’Donnell Funeral and Cremation Service, funeral directors will assit in exploring the best option for your family, and will coordinate all the details.


Because EVERY life is Important

"It’s about’s about recognition, family, gratitude, connection,’s about love!"

Throughout life we attach great importance to ceremony, and ritual. There is good reason for this; ceremony and ritual give meaning and value to milestones. These rituals reinforce the significance of happy events such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. And although a funeral isn’t usually considered a happy event, it is a valuable and significant occasion.

Arranging a ceremony that says goodbye in a way that is memorable is a final parting gift and an extraordinary offering of love. This ‘goodbye’ gift is universal; it is not only for the person departed, but also for their family and friends.

A custom-made occasion, a time to express feelings; to laugh and to cry, to support one another and to share stories. There are no two stories the same, every life is as unique as a fingerprint, just by being human we are intrinsically one-of-a-kind.

At O'Donnell Cremations - Funerals - Celebrations we recognize and embrace each person for their unique fingerprint of life. We are committed to guiding and overseeing a farewell that is as exceptional and as special as the person we are remembering.

Let us help guide you

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